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Benefits of a buffet

Benefits of a Buffet








The buffet system increases the variety of dishes served which is reserved in case of table service. A Buffet system is preferred by those guests who are in hurry by allowing them to enjoy what they want to eat without wasting time. In a buffet system people serve themselves as per their appetite, therefore, it reduces the unnecessary wastage of food.

Whereas, in table service, it feels very awkward when one has to wait until a batch finishes eating and the table is cleaned up and ready for the next dinner to be served. So it is time-consuming, but Buffet system cuts down a lot of your budget as fewer servers are required compared to the table service system. Foods are placed in a row one after another along the borders, ready to get served, a buffet you can serve yourself whenever you feel like without waiting in the queue.

You can have your food while on the move and talking with friends or relatives spread here and there. You can inspect the food before taking it and take the quantity you prefer. The choice is entirely up to you and you may repeat a particular dish a number of times without any hesitation. You can judge the item with its name and appearance, and taste it accordingly; while this seems a bit confusing in the table service system.

A buffet system is the self-servicing method, invitees serve their own as per their want, choice and reserve themselves once-twice or more without bothering others.

Vibe caterings buffet service has a wide variety of food choices even for the most picky of eaters. Vibe catering offers the best in health foods for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding, a funeral or even just a good braai, Vibe catering can do it all. For more information view our webpage.

Why is Healthy Food Important?

Why is Healthy Food Important?

In the day and age we live in today our busy schedules and fast living life style, we often end up eating whenever we get the chance and whatever to make up for time, rather than what is healthy. Furthermore, we eat to please the unmistakable crave for fast foods, but we are quite oblivious about the health risks that this type of eating pattern that we have become a custom too poses.

In an attempt to lose weight, we tend to cut the essential ingredients out of our diets. Additionally, instead of making us healthier, this does the exact opposite, by making us weak and unable to focus. The body needs every element, whether it is vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and even fats, but rather go for the healthier fats.

Weight Control

The quality of the foods you consume and the quantity matters when considering good eating routine. Taking in roughly the same amount of calories as you burn ensures your weight stays steady for a long period of time. Eating unhealthy and more than you burn, basically will result in weight gain as your body converts additional calories to fat tissue. When you collect fat tissue, you increase the dangers of developing one or more health problems, like heart disease, hypertension, respiratory problems, diabetes and lastly cancer. A healthy eating plan without excess calories helps you not only feel better but can prolong your life and you can look good and comfortable in your own skin.


If for instance, you are not used to eating healthy food that promotes your well-being and physique, making moderate changes can help you better the way you eat in the long run. You can substitute high calorie sugar drinks for water. For example, shift from full-fat to low-fat dairy products. Buy lean meats instead of fatty thick cuts. Freshly picked fruits and vegetables contain less sodium than canned and snacking on fresh, juicy and crunchy fruits and vegetables like grapes, apples and pineapple slices is healthier than the unhealthy fats and salt in packets of chips.

At Vibe Catering we can assist you in eating healthy by you allowing us to make your meals; we supply only fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. We prepare your food just the way you want it all the time. We strive on the perfection of our foods and we pride ourselves in the quality of our product and services.

Benefits of Using a Catering Company

Catering Company- Vibe Catering

Benefits of Using a Catering Company

Organizing or arranging an event comes with a lot of responsibilities. Organizing what cuisine will be at the event is a big responsibility. You may not have a large enough kitchen or the flatware and dishes obtainable for the number of people that will be at your event. There are catering companies that handle every angle of food preparation and tidy up. Some companies can provide plates and glasses, cutlery and other items you may need to make the event a five star success. Paying for a professional will give you time to organize other features of your event.

Professional Guidance When Choosing the Right Menu

A skilled catering company can help you select the perfect menu options for your event. Your guests are likely to have different requirements and liking, so providing various selections depending on the formality of your event is essential. They will usually have menu options, but if you have something you would like that isn’t on the menu, they will effectively accommodate you. A catering company will handle food preparation and drinks.

Save on money and time

As the host, you will save yourself time and stress less by hiring a catering company. It gives you one less thing to organise so you can focus on other aspects of the event that need to be organised and over looked. Instead of cooking and serving food yourself, you can take some time to relax and socialise at the event instead of worrying about food preparation.

The quality of the food can make or break your event. Dazzle your guests with quality food, the kind they will be talking about for months to come.


Take the stress of food planning off your shoulders, hiring a professional catering company will give you one less thing to have to manage and constantly think about. After all your hard work planning your event, you deserve some time to relax and mingle with your guests. For your catering needs in Gauteng visit Vibe Catering today and allow us to help you dazzle your guests.

Planning a Breakfast Bridal Shower

Planning a Breakfast Bridal Shower - Vibe Catering

Planning a Breakfast Bridal Shower

The first step in planning a breakfast bridal shower is to choose the location. The location dictates the amount of people you’re going to invite, the theme and how you’re going to decorate the venue. So choose wisely! Also carefully consider what the bride would like.

The bridal shower invitation is the first opportunity to share the breakfast theme with all the bride’s friends. It’s good to include the theme in the invitation, and having the bride’s friends as involved in the experience as possible. A good example is to theme the bridal shower “Booze and Breakfast” and maybe ask each guest to write down the favorite cocktail or breakfast idea and the recipe of it, so the bride can give it a try after being a Mrs. It’s vital to send pout invitations at least a month or two prior to the event so all the guests will be prepared. Remember to include the exact address of the location, times and gift ideas on the invitation.

Remember to prepare ‘thank you’ gifts for all the guests. It’s always a creative idea to have the gifts resemble the theme. For example, because it’s a breakfast party, jam boxes and an easy-to-make pack of bread or waffles is perfect!

For food and drinks, you don’t have to go the simple route and make a regular all you can eat English buffet. Play around with different cocktail juices, dried fruits, maybe have a bacon and cheese fest, or even better… an all you can eat bacon, pancakes and syrup fest!

If you have absolutely no idea on what to prepare for the party, hiring a caterer isn’t exactly the biggest crime you can commit. Catering companies like Vibe Catering have menus for every event. Their breakfast menu is filled with tons of nutritious goodness, and you can brainstorm about which selections of their menu would suit you and your party best.

And now that you ticked all your boxes in the “to do” list, make sure that you keep the day fun filled and special for the bride to be, after all, it is her last party with her maiden surname.



How to Spit Braai Lamb

lamb spit

How to Spit Braai Lamb

Having a huge family event this weekend? I think we can all agree that having a potluck at family get togethers are super outdated. But what could you possibly do with your next family gathering? Hotdogs?

Well here’s a less bland suggestion! You can try and spit braai a lamb, or any other meat of your choice. We understand that spit braaiing can be a bit of a tough situation if you’ve never done it before, literally! So here are a few tips to help you get that lamb cooked up and tender.

Which lamb to choose

It’s always a great option to choose a small lamb, especially with your first try. Ask your local butcher for a young lean lamb, well matured and weighing no more than 10kg, or you could get two 5kg lambs. As a first timer, this should make it much easier for you to get the entire lamb cooked to the bone.

How to prepare the lamb

With a sharp axe or knife, work from the inside. Chop partially through the spine in the rib area. Open and flatten this section then remove and discard the two top chops on either side to allow the heat to penetrate the shoulders, then trim away all extraneous fat and loose skin. You may then precede to push the rode’s pointy edge from the tail to the neck right through your lamb. This allows for ease of rotation when cooking your lamb. Feel free to marinate your meat with herbs, cooking oil and garlic.

While the lamb is marinating, you may start the fire and wait until it’s at a medium temperature so your lamb doesn’t burn and only cook on the outside when you put it over the fire.

Now time to be a braai master!

Now that your fire is ready, and your meat is thoroughly marinated, you my place it on the fire. Make sure that it’s not too close to the hot coals. It would be a clever idea for you to have a meat thermometer at hand to be sure of the temperature your meat is cooking at. The ideal temperature to cook at is between 90-120 °C. the meat should cook for at least 3 hours, and should be rotating constantly. If you don’t have a rotating rode and braai range, then you can just manually rotate your meat every 30 minutes.

If you think you can’t handle all the administration but still think having a spit braai is a great idea, then you could contact a catering company like Vibe Catering to help you and your family have delicious food and make great memories with your next family get together.

Happy Spit Braaiing!

The Importance of Breakfast


The Importance of Breakfast

The Old English word for dinner, disner, means to break a fast, and was the first meal eaten in the day until its meaning shifted in the mid-13th century. Only in the 15th century “breakfast” came into use in written English to describe a morning meal, which literally means to break the fasting period of the prior night; in Old English, the term was morgenmete meaning “morning meal”.

Who knew? That means if this hadn’t changed, then we’d refer to breakfast as dinner. Crazy world!

In this article, we’re going to tackle the importance of breakfast in our lives and look at several reasons why it’s vital for us to eat breakfast to better our health.

Apart from providing us with energy, breakfast foods are a reliable source of important nutrients such as calcium, iron and B vitamins as well as protein and fibre. The body needs these essential nutrients and research shows that if these are missed at breakfast, they are less likely to be compensated for later in the day. Fruit and vegetables are a vital source of vitamins and minerals so try to include a portion of your daily five at breakfast, whether that be a banana or glass of fruit juice.

Breakfast can be great for your waistline too, research shows that those who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight and more likely to be within their weight range compared with breakfast skippers. If you skip breakfast, you’re more likely to reach for high sugar and fatty snacks for brunch.

Breakfast also restores glucose, an essential carbohydrate that your brain needs to function. Many breakfast energy studies have shown how eating breakfast can improve memory and concentration levels and it can also make us happier as it can improve mood and lower stress levels. In nutrition studies amongst children, breakfast can improve attainment, behavior and has been linked to improved grades. Just like any other organ in the body, the brain needs energy to work at its best. Or else we’d all be stressed all the time, and disorientated.

Catering companies like Vibe Catering offer the most scrumptious breakfasts, and cater for warm and cold tastes.


Love your body and feed it today!