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Catering that Stands Out

Food isn’t just about sustenance for us homo sapiens. Throughout history, food has been a tool for social connection with the ability to bring people together from all different walks of life. It bridges gaps between cultures and can bring friends, families and enemies alike all together under one roof.  No event is complete without catering that blows your guests away, but what makes catering stand out?


Having a variety of flavours creates a colourful culinary experience as opposed to generic dishes that are repetitive. Consider having tastes from various different parts of the world so that there is a multi-cultural experience to be enjoyed. Pairing flavours that are not usually paired (such as camembert and pair) but have been tried and tested in pioneering culinary circles incorporates variety and new experiences that also hint at poise.


Presentation of your food in innovative and unique ways further ensures that your event offers an experience that is distinct. Consider incorporating colour into your presentation or other décor elements that complement the theme of your event. Food is a kind of holistic sensory experience; visual appeal is as important as taste, smell and texture.

Dietary Requirements

Catering for vegetarians, vegans, Halaal and even low-carb preferences may add to the workload of your event, but it also tells your guests that they are important and worth that extra effort. It will certainly be appreciated by those it caters to as standing around awkwardly unable to eat anything can contribute to feelings of exclusion.

Choose a Reputable Catering Company

Having catering be one of the highlights at your event means hiring a catering specialists that understand the importance of quality food, using variety to keep things interesting, visual presentation as part of the holistic experience of food as well as experience dealing with a wide range of dietary requirements. Contact Vibe Catering for more information or visit their website. 


Catering Catastrophes

There really is no end to the amount of things that can go wrong at a wedding. From a ruined dress that leaves the bride in shambles, to having to phone an ambulance for medical emergencies and family feuds that result in rifts long after the wedding has ended – weddings can be scary affairs.


Then there are catering disasters, a category of their own that bring a unique horror of their own. With careful planning, most of these uncomfortable situations can be avoided. Here are the times where they…didn’t…


A Plate of Late

Hungry wedding guests waiting around for so long that some of them end up leaving is not how one wants to remember their wedding. For one bride and groom, that was exactly the case. Wedding schedules are also a domino effect concept – cue the DJ leaving as dancing hadn’t begun because of the food being late. The worst part? The bride missed her father-daughter dance. That’s a moment that can never be brought back.


Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Made Me Sick – How About You?

Whilst you want guests to be talking about your wedding after the event, the topic of conversation would preferably be centered around “what a beautiful wedding it was” and “what a beautiful couple they make”. For some unfortunate couples, post-wedding conversation (when permitted between bouts of throwing up) was dominated by “I think I got food poisoning”.

Food for Thought: Making Sure Your Day is Catastrophe-Free

Ensuring that your wedding day is executed seamlessley entails planning and sourcing reputable services. When it comes to catering, quality food and punctual service are of the utmost importance. A catering company that has solutions tailored to your specific needs will also go a long way to make your wedding stand out, in all the right ways. Contact Vibe Catering or visit their website for catatrophe-free catering you can trust.

Light Lunch or Buffet? What’ll Work Best for your next Business Meeting?

Looking to make the right impression when hosting your next business meeting, why not kick that partnership agreement off by impressing your guests’ taste-buds and putting some quality food on the boardroom table?

Deciding on how to serve up your meeting-room meals can have an impact on how smoothly the meeting goes, so should you choose to have a light-lunch based on a limited menu, or would it be better to go all out and serve up a buffet? Let’s take a closer look.

How Many Mouths to Feed?

The amount of attendees you have to feed will have an impact on the cost of doing so. Where there are more people, offering up a buffet might be a better way to go. This way it will provide them with plenty of quality food at less of a cost per head.

Can You Handle Interruptions?

While buffets might be great for feeding more people at once, having your guests get up to dish for themselves will likely cause numerous interruptions. If there is a lot to discuss, a light lunch laid out on the meeting table will ensure that things flow more smoothly and will have you all out of the board-room in less time.

If however you plan on breaking for lunch, or better yet, ending with it, then a buffet provides the perfect casual environment for a de-brief of the meeting, or simply to let your guests wind down with some good food and company.

Do You Need Variety?

People have different dietary requirements, which can make things difficult when planning meals for your meeting, especially where a buffet is concerned. If you need to cater for variety, then a light-lunch from a menu allows for it. If some of your guests are pescatarians, vegetarians, allergic to gluten, dairy or wheat; or cannot eat certain foods for religious reasons, having a pre-ordered light meal will suit everyone at the table.

Contact Vibe Catering for Details

Looking to partner up with a catering specialist in South Africa for your next business meeting? Be sure to select one that you can rely on to pay attention to every delicious detail. Contact a representative from Vibe Catering today, or visit our website for additional details.

Healthy Does Not Mean Flavourless

A wonderful breakfast, lunch, or dinner does have the ability to be full of flavour as well as full of natural goodness. There are many people who share the idea that healthy food cannot be flavourful. Well, this is not true. Many flavours come from natural herbs and spices that possess dynamic and complex flavours that create the most wonderful pairing with our main ingredients. This allows us to enjoy the most flavourful and tasty dishes without the unnecessary addition of sugars and preservatives from bottled sauces and condiments.

A Delightful Meal with Quality Food

Quality food is great for our bodies, our taste buds and our spirits. There is nothing that brings a wave of satisfaction and aromatic bliss such as delicious and wonderfully prepared dishes. But this dish does not have to compromise your health goals and your nutritional needs. Of course, there will be a meal every now and then that will be an absolute flavour explosion but it is definitely not going to be a healthy meal, but that’s also okay. Food is not only here to keep us alive and functioning, but it is also here for us to really enjoy ourselves. But sometimes it can be both.

A Healthy Balance

Balance is the key to a great life. But there are some things that we struggle with, and that is making healthier choices when it comes to our food. But when it comes to catering at events, we often find that there is not much available because people choose the more flavourful options that are not necessarily part of a healthy meal. We often find that the healthies thing available is a typical salad.

When in reality the flavourful options do not have to exclude the nutritional foods. Instead these foods can be delicious with the help of wonderful pairings and a great spice palette.

Keeping Your Needs in Check

Catering any event such as weddings, brunches or conferences could be quite the challenge as so many different people prefer to eat so many different things and some people prefer a healthy alternative, while others do not. You know that you cannot please absolutely everyone but you want to at least try. It is best to find a great catering company that offers unique and wonderful menu options, that has the ability to be creative, that has the skills to create a variety of different meals. This way you will be able to ensure that you can have a wonderful flavour experience without putting your nutritional needs second.

Vibe Catering

Vibe Catering is exactly that. They have the skills, the creativity and the flavour combinations to completely pack a punch in your lunch. With them, you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you want a healthy option with veggies and wraps or something a little heartier, they have something for everyone. Be sure to contact them for your next event!

Selecting the Ideal Catering Service

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when selecting a caterer for your next event or function. Some of these things include but are not limited to; the quality and variety of quality foods your caterer offers, your caterer’s ability to work on your requirements and service professionalism.

Flex Zone (Menu Flexibility)

In today’s world, there are many people with dietary requirements: vegan, vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian and pescetatrian to name a few. There are also many dietary restrictions like gluten-free diets. A lot of caterers have a standard menu in place but with so many dietary requirement or restriction is your caterer willing to work with you to create a menu that is suitable for your guests’ needs? The caterer you choose should be one that is flexible in this regard.

Money… Money… Money…

It is important that you have clear understanding of the catering cost and what exactly is included in this cost. Be honest with yourself about your budget. If you have a modest budget, do inform your caterer.

Quality vs Quantity

On your quest to finding the perfect caterer for your soiree be sure that you’re receiving great quality. More often than not, people tend to choose quantity over quality. If you’re serving lobster on a tuna fish budget, know that something is fishy, with the same breath, just because your budget is a little modest, doesn’t mean that you should be getting scraps. A good caterer will know how to use your budget to provide you with quality catering.

Menu Type

Every event has different menu requirements. The next question you should ask your yourself when selecting a caterer is; What type of food are looking to serve? The classic South African braai? Platters? A buffet? Not every caterer will be perfect for every event. Some caterers only offer platters exclusively. Taking that into account, you should select a caterer that will be suitable for your specific function.


Check whether or not your caterer will be available on the date you have selected.

Vibe Catering offers quality catering and service professionalism. Choose excellence for your next event. Choose Vibe Catering

The Greatness Of Lunch Pack


When it comes to a corporate event we tend to think that we need to go all out with our catering choices, but then we feel limited by budget and the number of attendees, and of course, we need to sprinkle in a little bit of time management to make sure that we have time for everything that we need to do while keeping our guests happy and our schedules on track. Then there is the unpleasant challenge of catering for the dietary needs and tastes for everyone. It can be complicated, but it does not have to be.

The Lunch Pack Stigma

The truth of it is that a lunch bag is a great catering choice as it can offer so much flavour and value. However, the stigma is that a lunch pack lunch is unsatisfying because it is just a bland sandwich with an apple. The presentation also leaves some people to think that it is a bland meal that will not satisfy them and tie them over until their next meal. When, in fact, this does not have to be the case, a lunch pack can be extremely flavourful, satisfying and full of value.

The Value Of A Lunch Pack

A lunch pack does not have to have a peanut butter sandwich and an old apple. It does not have to be limited by our expectations. A lunch pack is a convenient means of offering your guests a healthy light lunch that they will actually enjoy. The difference lies in the fresh ingredients and creative flavour pairings. It is a simple to eat meal with an easy clean-up.

Creating Wonderful Meals

Creating an enjoyable lunch means using fresh and flavourful ingredients, pairing them with complementary flavours that create a mouthful of delicious flavours that stimulate your senses. Your lunch pack can include a fresh sandwich, with a variety of complimentary sides. This could be a sweet treat, or a savoury snack, or thirst quenching refreshments. And these are not limited to a small piece of candy or a boxed fruit juice.

Vibe Catering

Catering does not have to be a challenge, and nor does it have to be unappealing. Vibe Catering offers a variety of delicious lunch packs that are perfect for an easy and light lunch. They offer a variety of flavours to choose from. For a great selection of flavourful lunch packs, visit their website to view their lunch pack menu options.


Great reasons to hire a caterer for your events

Catering Company - Vibe Catering

Are you planning on having a special occasion? One of the most important part of your planning will most likely involve the decision of whether to hire a caterer. Since catering for an event goes well past easily preparing and serving food, the benefits and advantages of hiring a caterer normally outweighs any advantages of trying to achieve it all, with friends.

A Caterer Has Experience

Catering companies create and prepare food and drink menus on the daily. They know exactly which foods best suit one another, as well as which drinks pair best with the foods on the menu.

A Catering company also knows from gained experience which food and drink menus work best for the type of event you are planning, and can give appropriate recommendations.

Understands the Necessary Details of an Event Beyond the Menu

A Catering Company do so much more than just bring food and drinks to your event. They also remember the “The Finishing Touches” that you may might never have thought of like: decorations, silverware, plates, linens, glasses, and so on, for the full-on experience your guests will expect and appreciate.

Knowing How Much Food and Drink to Serve

Caterers have extensive experience with calculating the right amounts of appetizer, starters, finger snack, side dishes, desserts, etc. This will be sorted for each guest. This will prevent any worries about running out of food, or having too much food left over after your event and initially wasting food and money.

Caterers Help Ensure Each Guest is Satisfied

When you hire a caterer, they most likely will bring a complete staff team along with them for events. At all times, there are staff on hand who help with the cooking and serve food, make sure drink glasses stay filled with refreshments, clear up dirty dishes, and sort out your guest’s requests, professionally and attentively. In order for your event to be a success, caterers work with everyone involved in your event so that everything flows smoothly and stays organized.

For professional and attentive catering service, get in touch with Vibe Catering today and allow us to make your event one to remember.

Hiring a catering company for your next corporate event

Event Catering








Whether you’re planning an end of year function, meeting, birthday party, wedding or a surprise party for your partner, the quality of the food and drinks you supply can make a massive difference to the success of your event/party. Hiring an experienced team of caterers can have a big impact and help your event look and feel the part of a legit party or corporate event. There are many benefits to hiring a professional caterer.

  • Quality – One thing that is always guaranteed is, that the quality of the food supplied will be of the best standard and be presented flawlessly. The standard of food at your event can make or basically destroy the event. If the food is not up to standard, then your guests are most likely not going to enjoy your event.


  • Time Saving – Planning your event can be a very stressful time when trying to get everything in order, sending invites and finding the best venue. By hiring a professional catering company and leaving the sorting of the food to them, they can save you valuable time and stress of worrying about food and plating. All you would than need to do is agree to the menu and type of food you want and they will take care of the rest.


  • Professional Service – Some of the best Catering Companies offer a waiting service or plating service as well as catering. This will most certainly steal your guests’ hearts. And it’s just an extra on top of having delicious food. This is a good test for the catering company and how well it can handle large crowd’s.


Vibe Catering offers a great menu to choose from or if you would like, we could make whatever the client needs to make your event unforgettable and up to standard. For great assistance with events, get in touch with Vibe Catering Now!

Tortilla Wraps and Why We Love Them

There’s nothing new to the concept of a tortilla wrap. We all know what they are and how they are used, and they are generally just there to us. But this doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to these amazing and versatile disks of greatness. They are so much more than just flat dough things, they are easy, and meal encasements that is there for anyone, literally. There are so many varieties and variations that even the fussiest of us can enjoy one.

Not Just a Light Meal

A tortilla can be used in so many different ways in so many different meals. It is not only great for breakfast, lunch or dinner; it works with so many flavours and so many cultures! So many cultures have their own tortilla. And for good reason, it is a great way to help you enjoy any meal in a simple, on the go manner – breakfast wraps. It also works for people who would like to avoid bread, and it means that you don’t need any cutlery to eat it. It also allows for pretty much anything to be used as a filling. Don’t like salad? Cool, here’s some curry and rice instead.

A Simple Dinner

No matter how you choose to use your tortilla, in a wrap, a soft taco, or quesadillas, it is so simple to use. All you have to do is a little prep work and prepare the main filling and you are set to go! This could be chicken, beef, pork, lamb, tofu, or a vegetable mix. There are no rules as to what you can put in it or how you can serve it. It is a great way to make everyone in the family happy, as well as help you cut down on the heavier starchy foods. It also makes for excellent left over food!

Vibe Catering

Vibe Catering offers catering services for any event. They offer a wide range of choices that are perfect for any event, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, parties and corporate lunches. And of course there is tortilla options that will leave you and your guests satisfied and full of flavour.

What to Think About When Catering for Children

Whether you are holding a birthday party for your child or would like the younger attendees of an event to enjoy the food as much as everyone else, there is a surprising number of things to think about when doing it. You need to make food that appeals to your younger (and possibly fussier) feasters, you have to make it in the right portions and ensure it is both delicious and healthy at the same time. So where do you start when planning a menu for children? Fortunately for your next party, we’ve got a few ideas for you to sink your teeth into.

Pint Sized Portions

Firstly, whenever catering for children, it is important to remember to give each child a relatively small portion, and one of the best ways to do this is to have miniature sized snacks as meals. Mini-burgers, hotdogs, pizzas and sandwiches will be a hit, and will also be less likely to be unfinished and abandoned on a sofa somewhere. Remember that the point is not to overfeed them, but to let them enjoy a few treats. I say treats… though that doesn’t mean it needs to be unhealthy.

Keep it Relatively Healthy

Keeping it nutritious and relatively healthy will not only be doing the children a favour, but will also make things easier for you in dampening the inevitable sugar-rush and crash commonly associated with birthday parties and kid’s events. Consider, for instance, strawberries dipped in chocolate instead of a sugary (albeit delicious) chocolate cake. There are also the meals to consider, while you want to serve up tasty treats for your young’uns to snack on, there is no need to give them deep-fried-Mars-bars and steak. I know you wouldn’t do that, but you get the point.

Get Creative

Have a little fun with some ideas when working out menus and recipes. Remember that when making kids food platters, you need to make the food exciting as well as delicious. If you don’t fancy yourself as a food-artist and aren’t able to come up with ideas, check out some posts on Pinterest or other social media sites for thousands of ideas.

Remember that you Have a Budget

While the point of catering for children at their birthday or another event is to spoil them (so to speak), you need to consider that you do have a limited budget. So carefully take into account the amount of people you need to cater for, where you will source your supplies from, and how much it will all cost when planning the menu.

Consider a Catering Service

Alternatively, you may find it much easier, tastier and more exciting to pass the wooden spoon on to a catering company that you can trust to cater for your children just right. Contact a representative from Vibe Catering for further information, or take a look at our website for more on our services, specials and menus.