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Light Lunch or Buffet? What’ll Work Best for your next Business Meeting?

Looking to make the right impression when hosting your next business meeting, why not kick that partnership agreement off by impressing your guests’ taste-buds and putting some quality food on the boardroom table?

Deciding on how to serve up your meeting-room meals can have an impact on how smoothly the meeting goes, so should you choose to have a light-lunch based on a limited menu, or would it be better to go all out and serve up a buffet? Let’s take a closer look.

How Many Mouths to Feed?

The amount of attendees you have to feed will have an impact on the cost of doing so. Where there are more people, offering up a buffet might be a better way to go. This way it will provide them with plenty of quality food at less of a cost per head.

Can You Handle Interruptions?

While buffets might be great for feeding more people at once, having your guests get up to dish for themselves will likely cause numerous interruptions. If there is a lot to discuss, a light lunch laid out on the meeting table will ensure that things flow more smoothly and will have you all out of the board-room in less time.

If however you plan on breaking for lunch, or better yet, ending with it, then a buffet provides the perfect casual environment for a de-brief of the meeting, or simply to let your guests wind down with some good food and company.

Do You Need Variety?

People have different dietary requirements, which can make things difficult when planning meals for your meeting, especially where a buffet is concerned. If you need to cater for variety, then a light-lunch from a menu allows for it. If some of your guests are pescatarians, vegetarians, allergic to gluten, dairy or wheat; or cannot eat certain foods for religious reasons, having a pre-ordered light meal will suit everyone at the table.

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