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New Year’s Parties & Catering

Vibe Catering for festive

New Year’s Parties & Catering

With the festive season finally here, pressure quickly increases on creating the perfect memories for our families, and where do we even begin? In this article we’re going to explore some tips that will definitely make your festive much more enjoyable so you could have perfect memories too!

Where to Start?

With festive planning, there’s so much you have to think about in terms of shopping, decorating, invitations, and making everyone happy. The best way to get things going is to write everything down before actually going out into the world and getting your festive on. It’s always best for your list your grocery items on it, your party theme and exactly how many people you’re planning on entertaining. If you’re not too sure about the exact grocery items, you’ll need it’s always good to start with the name of the meals you’d like to make. That way you can plan grocery items around each meal. Or if cooking is not entirely your strong suit and you’d like to spend more time with your family, getting a catering company to help you out is a fantastic idea! Vibe Catering is a catering company based in Johannesburg, with a menu to die for!

Which Flavor to Festive?

Having trouble choosing a party theme? Because who themes New Year’s parties anyway right? You do! You have an advantage with New Year’s Day being connected to new beginnings and a fresh start, so maybe you could play along those lines. Design games to play before the countdown and have a game night or you could have a PJ party and have a movie night until countdown, absolutely anything goes here! Just remember to decorate accordingly.

Cooking Up The Night

It’s finally New Year’s Day and you’re stressed out? Remember to relax and have fun! It’s all about family and starting the New Year off with a bang! To make sure that everything is covered and you’re reassured, you can tick off some things from your checklist that you’ve created in the planning phase. Remember, if you’d like to avoid last minute slip ups or burning food from too much excitement, Vibe Catering is you’re here for you. View our menu to choose your favorite foods from.