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Selecting the Ideal Catering Service

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when selecting a caterer for your next event or function. Some of these things include but are not limited to; the quality and variety of quality foods your caterer offers, your caterer’s ability to work on your requirements and service professionalism.

Flex Zone (Menu Flexibility)

In today’s world, there are many people with dietary requirements: vegan, vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian and pescetatrian to name a few. There are also many dietary restrictions like gluten-free diets. A lot of caterers have a standard menu in place but with so many dietary requirement or restriction is your caterer willing to work with you to create a menu that is suitable for your guests’ needs? The caterer you choose should be one that is flexible in this regard.

Money… Money… Money…

It is important that you have clear understanding of the catering cost and what exactly is included in this cost. Be honest with yourself about your budget. If you have a modest budget, do inform your caterer.

Quality vs Quantity

On your quest to finding the perfect caterer for your soiree be sure that you’re receiving great quality. More often than not, people tend to choose quantity over quality. If you’re serving lobster on a tuna fish budget, know that something is fishy, with the same breath, just because your budget is a little modest, doesn’t mean that you should be getting scraps. A good caterer will know how to use your budget to provide you with quality catering.

Menu Type

Every event has different menu requirements. The next question you should ask your yourself when selecting a caterer is; What type of food are looking to serve? The classic South African braai? Platters? A buffet? Not every caterer will be perfect for every event. Some caterers only offer platters exclusively. Taking that into account, you should select a caterer that will be suitable for your specific function.


Check whether or not your caterer will be available on the date you have selected.

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